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Honeyberry haskap

What Is A Honeyberry?

Honeyberries, (sometimes known as Haskaps) are a super fruit, rich in antioxidants

and have five times the phenols of  blueberries.  Antioxidant rich foods have been shown to be beneficial for disease prevention and supporting a healthy and active life.  

A hardy deciduous shrub, Honeyberries are native to the Northern Hemisphere and have only recently been bred for cultivation. Remarkably cold tolerant, the Honeyberry is uniquely suited to the harsh mountain climate and provides an important piece of the puzzle as we seek to be a part of creating a vibrant,

sustainable local food economy.

We cultivate four different varieties on our six acre farm. Honeyberries have a unique sweet tart flavor that could be described as a combination of raspberry and blueberry, with hint of wild, reminiscent of its native relatives. The berries are incredible eaten fresh, in smoothies, in your favorite recipes or of course,

in our tasty Honeyberry Jams and Syrups.

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