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Berry Field

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Mid-Season Hours 2024:

Mondays 8-11am

Wednesdays 8-11am

Fridays 8-11am

Saturdays 8am-12pm

Currently ripe: Honeyberries

(Hours are subject to fruit availability, we may need to close periodically throughout the season to wait for fruit to ripen. Make sure to sign up for our email list and check our social media for the latest season updates.) 

Prices for 2024 U-Pick:

Strawberries       $3/ pint, $30 for 12 pints

Raspberries           $5/ pint, $50 for 12 pints

Honeyberries               $8/pint, $80 for 12 pints 

A few things to know before coming out:

  • We are working farm with dangerous equipment and fragile plants, stay in the designated U-Pick areas and children need to be supervised at all times.

  • We love for you to take a taste test of our berries, but don’t make it a meal.

  •  Sorry, due to food regulations we cannot have animals on the farm. Please leave your pets at home.

  • U-Pick berries are sold by the pint. We provide the containers for you!


Thanks! We look forward to seeing you out at the farm!

Farm Stand

Our self-serve farm stand is open year round, 24-7.

 Located at the farm, 400 Quast Ln. Corvallis.

Come by anytime to shop our jams and syrups, freeze dried berries, frozen fruit and fresh picked berries. 

Payment via Venmo or Card, sorry no cash or checks accepted at the stand if nobody is there.

Frozen Fruit


We have Frozen Honeyberries available. 


Drop us an email here for bulk orders.

We also offer wholesale berries. Email us for more info.



Bulk Orders

Flat Prices(12 pints):

Strawberries     $50/flat

Raspberries     $80/flat

Honeyberries       $120/flat

We also offer limited quantities of Black, Champange, and Red Currants and Gooseberries drop us a line if you're interested in making an order.

Volunteer and Learning Opportunities

 We are passionate about sharing our knowledge about growing fruit in the Bitterroot valley with our community. Drop us a line if you are interested in learning more about volunteer or education opportunities.

Directions To The Farm

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